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Nut-free nut flavours!

27th February 2011

Create Flavours, has debuted a range of natural, nut-free flavours that include the notoriously difficult peanut and hazelnut

The company said a confluence of in-house technologies and natural ingredient options facilitated the new range which, “opens up a new development channel which many of our dairy confectionery and bakery customers are keen to exploit.”

The range was tapping into the market for people with nut allergies as well as the trend toward ‘natural’.

The full range consists of peanut, hazelnut, walnut, macadamia and almond and comes from the natural flavours division Create established in November, 2007.
[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”The natural nut free range opens up a new avenue for many of our customers, who due to the allergen restrictions have adopted a nut free policy at many of their production sites”.[/quote]

The company believes that both retailers and consumers were scrutinising ingredient lists more closely creating pressures such as those to remove potentially allergenic ingredients as well as the more general shift to all things natural that is growing many western markets.

Create spent more than 12 months developing the nut-free nut flavours, a process the company described as “extremely difficult.”

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”Natural nut free peanut and hazelnut flavours have historically been extremely difficult to create,” said managing director Jon Jones in a statement.[/quote]

However, Create Flavours has developed ‘true to type’ natural nut free peanut and hazelnut flavours. The development process has helped Create Flavours expand its working knowledge of nut flavours and consequently helped to improve its current natural nut flavours.


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