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NOVEMBER: Mushroom Truffle

1st November 2022

This classic taste of opulence, prized by European chefs for hundreds of years to introduce depth and richness to savoury dishes, has been reconfigured and refreshed by our head flavourist.

A taste of luxury

Mushroom Truffle is a meaty, nutty and sweet flavour. The aroma is musky and lightly garlicky, with a back note of earthy mushroom flavour.

Origins of opulence

The fruiting bodies of fungus truffles grow around tree roots in neutral or alkaline soils. Synonymous with France, truffles are also cultivated in Italy and Spain; as well as Slovenia and Croatia.

Adding depth to savoury cooking

Truffle flavouring is influential in plant based eating and immune health and can enhance consumer perceptions of clean living and sustainability.

Mushroom is growing in popularity in all vegan and vegetarian sectors as a replacement for the richness of meat flavours.

Perfect pairings

Mushroom Truffle works well in seasoning applications and all savoury dishes; bringing indulgent profiles and a savoury, nutty character.

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