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MARCH: Coffee

31st March 2021

Trending coffees:

Coffee is certainly undergoing a renaissance. Since the first lockdown was announced in the UK 12 months ago statistics show a rise in purchases of coffee-making machines. Many people are trying to replicate their café based daily treat at home. An example being Dalgona coffee. This became a viral hit with people whipping up they are on versions at home and posting online, fuelling interest in an already growing category.

Hybrid products:

Consumers are becoming more experimental and are looking into the origins of coffee beans – searching for something new and different. Coffee flavourings have developed drastically over the past 5 years, with many type of coffee used as natural flavourings to appeal to the customer in hybrid products. Instead of a coffee flavoured cake for example, product development teams are working on espresso flavoured cakes for example, making a more premium and attractive proposal.

Flavour profiles:

The origin and varietal status are often used to describe the flavour of coffee. It is although the processing of the bean that creates the volatile compounds associated with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Analysis of coffee have identified over one thousand different aroma chemicals however only 30-40 of these have an odour threshold detectible to us humans.

Grown around the world, coffee has many varieties – the two most used being Robusta and Arabica. Our 95/5 coffee flavourings derives from the Arabica bean. Arabica coffee is slightly sweeter, milder and more balanced. Whereas the Robusta coffee bean is less nuanced and dominated by roasted caramellic notes. Evaluation of both beans find the typical nutty, roasted, dark brown notes you would expect to find in authentic coffee products.

Flavour pairings:

In terms of food pairings coffee is very adaptable. It works well in sweet applications paired with cardamom or walnuts. Due to a similar fermenting and roasting processes for its preparation all forms of chocolate also work well with coffee too. In the savoury sector coffee can be used to enhance veal, lamb, or venison demi-glaze’s, gravies and sauces.

At Create Flavours, we have a range of different styles including: cold brew, espresso, freshly ground, high roast and Brazilian types too. All of which work particularly well in dairy applications, bakery and icings. If you would like to discuss our new coffee collection, please do get in touch.


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