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JUNE: Black Garlic

1st June 2020

Black garlic is created when raw garlic is subject to low heat and humidity for a prolonged length of time. The chemical reaction that takes place is known as the Maillard Reaction which browns food and gives it a distinctive umami flavour.

Originating in Asia (with Korea and Japan both claiming ownership), black garlic sits alongside tamarind, soy sauce, ginger and shallots. The roasted and fruity aromas of black garlic lends itself to be paired with meats (such as lamb and chicken), fish, mushrooms and strong cheeses.

Unlike raw garlic, black garlic has no pungent aroma. It can be described as slightly bitter molasses flavour, sweet yet savoury, tangy and earthy – the perfect flavouring for enhancing ready meals, sauces and seasonings.


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