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JANUARY: Negroni Cocktail

1st January 2022

As we move through winter after the festive season, we take a look at drinks menus around the globe and flavourings that could add a celebratory twist to the post Christmas period.

The Negroni is a classic aperitif, perfect for a January cocktail party. This traditional cocktail is equally as refreshing sipped over ice in the sun, (although at this time of year, that still feels a long way off).

A classic Negroni is made from equal part of gin, campari and martini rosso then garnished with a slice of orange to create a slightly bitter orange profile.

In the UK, there is an increase in new product development in this area, including the chocolate Negroni, mezcal and even a winter spiced Negroni.

Aristocratic origins

This drink, with an Italian heritage, was apparently named after Count Camillo Negroni in Italy.  According to tradition, whilst in his favourite bar, the Count asked for a stronger version of his preferred cocktail the Americano Campari (Martini Rossa and soda). The bartender switched out the soda for gin and the rest is history (despite there being no ‘official’ documentation to support this story!).

When to drink

Bitter drinks make the perfect aperitif cocktail or pre-dinner drink. When the bitter receptors in the stomach trigger the release of ghrelin (the hunger hormone); this kick starts metabolism.

Perfect to get in the mood for a delicious dinner! The bitterness calls for food pairings that are bold in flavour; salty dishes and strong cheeses. Charcuterie boards laden with olives, pickles, Italian hard cheeses and salty cured meats compliment the flavour.

Our Negroni flavouring is successful in beverages (both non and alcoholic), as well as bakery. Natural cocktail flavourings are also suitable for various sweet applications such as compotes for crumbles, cheesecakes and biscuits.

Find out more

Create Flavours are British producers of natural and clean label, savoury, sweet and beverage flavourings. Working from our allergen-controlled facility in Somerset, we design and manufacture premium food and drink flavourings and extracts.

We have expertise in developing natural flavouring solutions for no and low alcohol drinks, beers, ciders, spirits, hard seltzers and soft drinks. 

To sample Negroni Cocktail or any beverage, savoury or sweet flavourings; contact us click here or call 01275 349 300 to talk with your account manager.


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