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1st February 2021

Cola is perhaps the world’s most recognisable soft drink, with many brand claiming over 2 billion servings are poured across the globe daily. The very first recipes include the kola nut – a fruit containing caffeine from West Africa. Modern day versions of the beverage no longer include kola nut. Today, cola beverages are made up of a sugar syrup, phosphoric acids, flavourings and caffeine.

From a flavouring perspective, cola has a very interesting profile. Flavour compounds that make up cola include: vanilla, cinnamon, orange and lime citrus oils. The authentic botanical taste of cola can be replicated by exaggerating the nutmeg and coriander notes, which is why the cola flavour profile is suitable for a wide range of sweet and savoury applications. In terms of flavour pairings, new NPD work can be seen with cola and raspberry, cherry, orange, lemon and lime.

As well as being a constant in the soft drink sector, cola is gaining popularity as an ingredient too; from cola glazed chicken wings to slow cooked cola basted hams. This year we’ve seen cola flavoured crisps on the shelves in key UK retailers alongside in contrast to the new launches in the bakery sector. When coupled with chocolate, cola makes for super fudgy chocolate cakes and compliments buttercreams and sweet icing applications.

At Create Flavours, we have a selection of cola flavourings to suit your application. Our cola flavourings are available in powdered, water soluble and oil soluble liquid formats. The flavourings have a classic taste, with brown, sweet citrus, and spicy notes as the primary characteristics. If you are looking for a cola flavouring to work in your application, get in touch with your Account Manager, who will gladly arrange a sample for you.