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Create Flavours launch new Natural Flavourings – 2nd generation Smoke Flavourings

17th May 2013


Create Flavours launch 2nd generation Smoke Flavourings

Under EU Regulation EC 1334/2008 Smoke Flavourings are no longer considered to be Natural Flavourings, they have their own separate category where food manufacturers are obliged to label them as “Smoke Flavouring” or “Flavourings”.

This has caused issues for many food manufacturers; “The trend across most food categories throughout the UK and Europe continues towards ever more natural ingredients”, says Nick French, Create’s Commercial Director.

Back in 2008 we initiated a programme to develop flavourings with smoke characteristics that lay outside of the Smoke Flavouring legislation and that could be labelled “natural flavouring”

How did we go about this?

By evaluating the flavour profiles of a range of smoked and smoke-flavoured products (bacon, meats, sausages, sauces), extensive analysis and a 12-month program of existing and innovative raw materials evaluation our flavourists were able to create a range of concentrated smoke-profile flavourings that can all be labelled as “Natural Flavouring”.  The range of products were designed to deliver excellent results in a range of applications such as snacks, coatings, marinades, sauces, dips, soups and ready meals.

“This project presented many challenges” says Create’s Technical Director, Nick Dyson. “The aroma and flavour of smoke and smoked products are extremely complex and working out which components are important and then how to produce these components in a natural form was key to the sucess of the project”.

Profiles include hickory smoke, oak smoke, bacon smoke and maple-smoked types. The flavours are available as powers and liquids. Usage rates are kept to a minimum and these have all been developed and screened to ensure excellent delivery and performance in challenging applications.

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