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April: Mango Amba

3rd April 2024

The Flavour

Originating from Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, Amba is a tangy condiment crafted from fermented or pickled mangoes. This versatile sauce serves both as an accompaniment and as a marinade. Variations include fruits like peach, plum, and melon.

Traditionally, salt-cured mango pieces undergo fermentation for around 5 days. After drying in the sun, the mangoes are simmered with vinegar and spices, which traditionally include fenugreek, turmeric, and mustard seeds, before being crushed into a savoury sauce.

Trending Categories/Applications

Around the world, culinary innovators are experimenting with fusion creations like amba aioli and amba ranch, harnessing the tangy, spiced, and sweet essence of this sauce to elevate various dishes, particularly falafels, shawarmas, and other street foods.

Similarly, to traditional amba, our Amba flavour is beautifully balanced with spices and offers a great foundation for culinary exploration.

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