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Create Flavours launch range of leading edge all natural Chicken Flavours

The creation of authentic natural savoury flavours always presents the  flavourist with many challenges and none more so than when it comes to the creation of natural chicken flavours. Not only is the flavour of chicken highly complex (to date over 700 individual aroma and taste compounds have been identified in chicken meat) but factors such as cooking methods, meat types and fat content all give rise to highly differentiated and diverse flavour profiles.Over the last 12 months our team of flavourists have been working hard to develop a new generation of flavourings that capture the authentic taste and flavour chicken meat.Nick Dyson, Create Flavour’s Technical Directors says: “This new range will allow manufacturers to move away from old fashioned process flavours which under current EU legislation cannot use the clean label designation “natural”.

The range includes:

Natural White Meat Type

Natural Dark Meat Type

Natural Jus Type

The range is available in liquid and encapsulated systems and nave been designed to perform in a wide variety of applications including snack seasonings, ready meals, meat products, sauces and gravies.