The most customer oriented and innovative flavourings producer in the industry...
  • Innovative Flavourings Producer
    Experts in the creation and manufacture of sweet and savoury food flavourings and natural flavourings.
  • Natural Flavourings
    Our range of natural flavours have been created to perform in a wide range of food and beverage products.
  • Leading Edge Natural Flavourings
    sweet and savoury systems
  • Flavour Manufacturing
    Our flexible flavour manufacturing systems mean industry best turnaround times for large and small orders.
  • UK, European & Worldwide
    We develop and manufacture the highest quality flavourings for the UK, European and Worldwide food and drinks industries.
  • Innovative Flavourings
    Our goal is to be the most innovative and customer oriented flavourings manufacturer in the industry.
  • Customer Orientated
    Our goal is to be the most innovative and customer oriented flavourings manufacturer in the industry.
  • Flavourings Manufacturer
    Our goal is to be the most innovative and customer oriented flavourings manufacturer in the industry.

Food Flavourings

Helping international brands and local food and beverage companies develop great tasting products.

Natural Flavours

Creating the best tasting natural flavours. Leading the industry in authenticity and performance.


Imagining tomorrows winning tastes.The beating heart of everything we do, from research through to concept development.

Product Quality

Manufacturing to the highest standards. Our development and manufacturing is backed with 'Grade A' BRC accreditation.

Always putting our customers first.......

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What we're good at...

Natural Flavouring Systems

We are leaders in the development and manufacture of natural flavouring systems, our R&D teams are bursting with ideas and creativity. Over the pa

Sweet Flavourings

Over the years our flavourists have developed a vast portfolio of technically proven and cost effective sweet flavourings. From contemporary favourite

Savoury Solutions

The creation & development of savoury flavours always pose a particularly difficult challenge to the flavourist. Generally savoury flavourings are

Unrivalled Service

We know how important it is for you to get your sample in time and your delivery on schedule. At Create Flavours we go to great efforts to ensure that

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Our Service

  • Carefully crafted natural flavours

    Very early on we recognised the need to develop and manufacture high quality natural flavours. Our dedication to this area has led to us developing some of the most unique product defining flavourings available today.
  • Customer focussed solutions - Production

    Our super-efficient manufacturing regimes mean our turnaround times are second to none. We offer short lead times, we pack to your batch requirements and we offer consistent quality.
  • Customer focussed solutions - NPD

    We understand the pressures placed on product developers in today’s busy and time pressed environment. We offer optimised next day samples that perform, tailoring of flavours to your exact requirements and help and advice with recipe development.