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Date:July 29, 2012

Sweet Flavourings

Over the years our flavourists have developed a vast portfolio of technically proven and cost effective sweet flavourings. From contemporary favourites such as Acaia to old standards such as Bourbon Vanilla, from tropical fruits to English apple, caramel to nut flavours, we have a range that will deliver great taste in a wide range of applications.

If we don’t have the perfect off shelf offering, our flavourists are always on hand to tweak a flavouring system so that it perfectly fits your brief and gives you the product that you and your customers are looking for.

“We have over 100 types of Strawberry flavourings on our books, these range from fresh green types through to those with jammy and wild hedgerow characteristics. All have been designed to perform in specific applications such as yogurts, soft drinks, baked goods, cereal products and ice cream”