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Date:January 01, 2012

Nut free nut flavours! How did they do that?

It’s amazing how today’s technology has transformed our ability to develop very authentic natural flavours. Even twenty years ago the flavourists’ palette was limited to a few simple esters, natural extracts and essential oils. Now we have a raft of natural materials that we can use and this has led to the development of flavourings that are cost effective and have great fidelity. But we’re often asked how did we manage to develop a range of flavours that taste like nuts but are nut free?

One of the most important class of compounds in nuts are a group of nitrogen containing compounds called pyrazines (they are especially important in cooked and roasted foods), you can extract pyrazines from nuts if you want to, but you can also obtain them from other materials such as some fermented foods.

These natural extract can then be refined to give the aroma profile of different nut varieties. That’s how we did it and not a nut in sight.