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Case Studies

Abstract Flavours

How can you add flavouring to a foodstuff that has no taste or smell, and if you could what effect would it have on your senses? Of course the question itself doesn’t really make sense, if it is a fla
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How do you go about developing a new flavour?

We’re often asked the question “Just how do you go about developing a new flavour?” 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration. Sometimes it feels like 100% perspiration, but you know sometimes it is sheer sere
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Rediscovering Strawberry!

A few years ago we embarked on a project to rediscover forgotten flavours and we started with one of the big ones, strawberry. Back in the early 70’s one of the world’s largest flavour houses had deve
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Nut free nut flavours! How did they do that?

It’s amazing how today’s technology has transformed our ability to develop very authentic natural flavours. Even twenty years ago the flavourists’ palette was limited to a few simple esters, natural e
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